Right of withdrawal

Since service delivery, the start of the web service and agreement (& issuing proforma invoice), the customer has 15 days (10 working days) to:
- evaluate the web service provided by Aceso Suport (trial period);
- to request any fixes;
- to give up  the service, order & this agreement without any penalty.
Making payment means Customer's acceptance of:
  • the web service & price (proforma invoice);
  • the Terms of this Agreement;
  • and the Terms and Conditions of the advertising web site.
  Failure of making payment within 15 days (10 working days) from issuing  proforma invoice, signifies Client's intention to giving up  the web service, order & agreement, without penalty and without requiring additional notice.
   In this case, after the passage of 17 days (12 working days) without due payment being received, the agreement  (& order) is considered terminated and Aceso Suport reserves the right to suspend any work, to delete the Client's information and to refuse further orders.
In all situations in which Aceso Suport Ltd will require the agreement cancellation, all the amounts paid by the Client (in advance) for services  which have not yet been provided, will be refunded!
The paid amounts in advance are not refunded:
  • in case of service cancellation (by the customer) after the trial period (15 days or 10 working days);
  • during the agreement extension (contract period extension),.
"Order & Delivery "  is part of the: " Rules & Policies" agreement.
Last update: November 3, 2013

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