Confidentiality, cookies, privacy policy

The Service is provided on the "as is’" and "as available’" basis.
1. Cookies and non-personal information
For technical purposes this website may use cookies.

A cookie is a special text sent between a server and a browser each time the browser accesses the server.
Cookies are used for authentication (basket & order) and for tracking traffic elements (performance, analysis, targeting, advertisers).
Cookies "third party" (Third Party Cookies) are cookies placed by third parties (traffic monitoring systems or hosting server).

Cookies are not viruses or worms (do NOT contain executable code), can NOT read personal information on your computer, can NOT send spam.

Most browsers allow users to decide whether to accept cookies and duration of their maintenance. Your computer (your system) settings depends entirely on you.

Because HTTP sessions are visible to all computers in the network, they can intercept data packets, including these cookies.

Cookies allow us to automatically obtain non-personal information that can not be, in any way, associated with any person. This information refers to the type of browser you use, your computer's platform and domain name through which you access our website.

Aceso Suport (ASuport.Ro) and Partners use these data only for traffic monitoring and improving services.
2. Website browsing
You can access this website without revealing your identity or give us any information regarding yourself.

Website browsing may be considered confidential, however ASuport.Ro and its Partners can not guarantee that User's use of this site will be confidential, because information transmitted via the Internet may not be secure.

In principle, you can contact us without send us any personal data. Use the contact form to ensure anonymity. Users are encouraged to use pseudonyms.

You must decide what personal data you send us. The information you communicate to us will be considered non-confidential and may be used and disseminated by ASuport.Ro and its Partners freely.

ASuport.Ro reserves the right to collect non-confidential information send by the user (or from use of the service) in a database, for the following purposes: for the use of these data by ASuport.Ro and Partners in medical studies, information, improving services, sales and marketing; our database is inaccessible online.

Although we use advanced security methods and techniques, ASuport.Ro and its Partners are not responsible for any confidentiality damage suffered by the user (or by any other person) as a result of using this website, because the information transmitted via the Internet may not be secure.
3. Personal information
If you place an order on our website, please remember that we are an advertising company and clearly specify  what part is public information and what part is personal (confidential) information. 
We will use your personal (confidential) information only for invoice and contract.
"Confidentiality, cookies, privacy policy" is part of the: " Rules & Policies" agreement.
LAst update: October 20, 2013

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