Rules and policies - Terms and conditions of use

These terms and conditions of use are a personalized agreement with the User regarding the use of this website.
 If you do not entirely agree – do NOT use this website any longer.
For a clear understanding of the Aceso Suport's website (& services) Conditions of use, we define the following terms:
User – it applies to any person who accesses (visits) the website;  minors need parental consent;
Aceso Suport Ltd.- ASuport.Ro - – it applies to the legal holder (Owner) & service provider, developer of the website;
Partner - any third party that supplies this website with content; Partners are considered Users by the Owner.
Service/Services – it means that the ASuport.Ro and the Partners makes data and information available to the User , through the Internet, with the help of the website;
Messages – it means any form of communication (e-mail, text messages, etc.).

Website  -
- provide information about sport medicine, health and sport devices, events, products & services;
- sell ASuport services and products;

These Rules and policies - Terms and Conditions of Use refers exclusively to this website.
Terms of use:
1. Liability

* The User must decide for himself and he is solely responsible for the way he uses the information and the Services on the present website;
- the Service is provided on the ´as is’ and ´as available’ basis;
- Asuport.Ro and Partners are NOT responsible for any action whatsoever that you take on the basis of the respective information and of the Service.
* although ASuport.Ro and the Partners are striving to ensure the accuracy of this site’s content, the User agrees to the fact that ASuport.Ro and the Partners do not guarantee:
- that the Services will fulfill all the User’s requirements;
- the accuracy, the reliability or the timeliness of this site’s content, as well as of any other content accessible through it (which applies, also, to other linked websites or to their contents – the User accesses these at his own risk);
- the information, the pieces of advice, the opinions, the representations in any material received through the present Service, including the Messages, will be correct, up-to-date or reliable; these materials may undergo ulterior alterations and cannot be used as evidence in any legal action.
- that the Services will be uninterrupted and error-free, that the eventual flaws will be corrected or that the website’s service or server is free of viruses or components which might be harmful to the User;
* the User acknowledges that ASuport.Ro and the Partners are, under no circumstance whatsoever, responsible for:
-the erasing or the impossibility of delivering, storing, finding messages and information;
-losses of any kind (direct or indirect), related in any way to, or resulted from, the use or the performance degree of the Service;
* the User accepts that:
- ASuport.Ro disclaims any responsibility and
- will not prosecute Aceso Suport with regard to any claim whatsoever (any losses, expenses, costs, etc.), of any kind, arising out of the User’s use of the Internet and the Service, or provoked by the Asuport.Ro, as a result of the User’s breaching these Terms and Conditions.
* all health information published (articles, information, opinions, etc.) do NOT constitute and are NO substitute for a medical consultation (check-up); that is why you must use these materials only for informing yourself and not for self-diagnosis or self-treatment – if you have suspicions regarding your state of health (or any health-care related questions) – please contact your physician.

* Aceso Suport’s liability – if any – in connection with the supply of these Services (according to these terms), is limited for each event or series of events to 10 euros.

Online prices may be modified without notice, final price is specified in the contract or invoice.
3. Legal notice (Order & Delivery, Right of withdrawal)
4. Jurisdiction
* The use of this website is conditioned on compliance with the system of applicable laws of Romania – this agreement and any dispute related to it are governed and interpreted exclusively according to the Romanian laws.
* the User is the sole responsible for complying with the local laws, in case you access this site from outside Romania.
* Each statement within these Terms and Conditions represents a separate agreement. 
5. Ownership rights
ASuport & Partners - authors or copyright holders - of the materials published or accepted for publication on the website (scientific materials, information, articles, advertisements, etc.) – remain the authorized owners of the rights of authorship with regard to the respective materials; but along with the request of publication they agree to the following:
# the date and interval of time of the publication (including the links authorization) is entirely at the complete disposal of the ASuport.Ro, without necessitating in any way the Partners’ consent and without previous notification to the Partners and Users;
# in the absence of a previous agreement - the materials are published in their entirety - upon the author’s signature, without modifications of the contents (major modifications); for harmonizing the material aspect with the site’s content, there can appear alterations to the form (size, colour of the text’s characters, the size of the images, etc.);
# the ASuport.Ro-Partner Relationship subjects itself entirely to the provisions of the present agreement, the Partner being considered a User in relation to ASuport.Ro;
# any dispute relating to the rights of authorship between the Partner and any third party – will be solved without involving the ASuport.Ro website – the former reserving the right to remove the litigious material from the site, without notice to the parties:

The publication, reproduction, modification, display or transmission of materials (including the banner / the logo) contained in the ASuport.Ro website is allowed solely with the owner’s approval;

The User is allowed to copy the material solely for his own personal use, excluding any use for advertising, commercial purposes, etc. – this website’s information is at the User’s disposal for documentation and acquisition of knowledge, not for commercializing it.

Any User can include one or several links to the website – provided that he limits himself to the name of the website and of the banner/ logo (according to “Links to” page) but you must first ask our permission.; any other information requires ASuport.Ro’s approval.
You are not allowed to link to us if your website is engage in the publication or promotion of illegal activities, hatred of any form (including, but not limited to, racism, terrorism, violence and discrimination of any kind), obscene, or offensive content, or if the link in any way negatively impact on our reputation.

Some services do not involve any kind of  responsibilities, including financial (eg, link exchange, post comments online by registered users).
6. Force Majeure
ASuport.Ro does not take responsibility for the impossibility of complying with this agreement, due to any circumstance whatsoever outside his control. 
7. Advertisements
We advertise only for sport medicine, health and sport devices, events, products & services.
We reserve the right to choose the advertisements which will be published.

Aceso Suport will not support:
- Pornography, image or text containing sexually obscene;
- Infringement of copyright or any other right of any third party;
- Threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory statements;
- Illegal activities such as phishing, hacking, identity theft, computer viruses spread, music, movies, programs (software) without owning the copyright and / or distribution and so on;
- Image or text meant to encourage a feeling of hatred or racism;
- Collect personal information for illegal purposes;
- Websites with pyramid schemes;
or any content deemed by ASuoirt to be harmful.

The advertisements (of any kind) are received through e-mail; the standard interval of time (contract) of their display on the website is 30 days.
Due to the fact that we operate on the “trust/trustworthiness” basis, we are not responsible for the veridicality or the precision of the information. The responsibility with regard to the advertisement and its consequences (no matter what the nature of these consequences) is solely the requester’s; any dispute between the requester and any third party with regard to the advertisement – will be solved without involving ASuport.Ro website;.  ASuport.Ro reserve the right to remove the litigious material / information from the websites, without a notice to the sides.

The e-mail address from which the advertisement was sent is considered to be the contact address. Alterations or erasure are taken into consideration when they are made from the e-mail address where the initial request was made from.

We reserve the right to stop the publication of advertisements for web pages that  breach the rules of civilized behaviour.
ANTI-SPAM policy
We do NOT send advertising or unsolicited messages / mass e-mail !
Sending unsolicited commercial messages promoting any website, service or product, using Aceso Suport  Ltd's picture / logo / link  will result in the suspension or cancellation of the Client's contract  without refund of the amount paid for the service.
Any complaints received in this regard will be investigated and action taken as necessary.
8. The modification of the website and of these Terms and Conditions:
Aceso Suport Ltd reserves the right to suspend or erase  this website, to alter the terms and conditions at any moment without notice.
The User (Partner) confirms to have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
Last update: October 30, 2013

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